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Angie of YouLookFab tells you why she keeps certain things she rarely wears.
Racked checks out Try.com, a shopping service that lets you try on clothes at home for free; if you like them, keep them and your credit report card will be charged; if not, return them within 10 days without being charged at all.
Refinery29 looks at workwear style in Washington, D.C. — and quotes Kat!
Inc. has guidance on Camiseta TSG 1899 Hoffenheim breaking bad public-speaking habits.
Time reports that women whose coworkers are at least 85% men experience higher tension levels.
The street reports on a new study from the family wealth Advisors Council about women breadwinners; for example, the study found that a woman is the breadwinner in 40% American families.
New York magazine brings the news that there is now a name for that bad nighttime practice numerous of us have — bedtime procrastination.
The new York Times attempts to debunk the “8 glasses of water a day” myth.
For your Laugh of the Week, McSweeney’s brings you a useful Bay area to conventional American English Translator.

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