Satyr Mega Bundle: beard graphics as well as grim reapers

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Satyr Mega Bundle: beard graphics galore for only $49
Just when I believed that all the fantastic offers have already rolled out for Halloween or Black Friday, I see this:

It’s a beard extravaganza!
The incredibly skilled Tshirt factory illustrator Satyr has been  a contributing designer because the beginning of the site. Those familiar with the art uploaded there might agree that it’s been a extremely long wait on this bundle to be available. He is absolutely phenomenal in showing comprehensive horror, sexiness as well as humor, all at the greatest of levels. as well as because beards have ended up being all the rage, held on a outrageous pedestal, he’s been taking jabs at this pattern with the funniest of captions.
What I like about the style is the smart, lively comic. It’s not offensive, brassy or elitist. It’s relatable as well as pleasurable to anyone that is remotely familiar with Web patterns as well as memes. believe of any type of renowned image, extremely prominent for all the major reasons, as well as he should have provided it a beard twist. have a look!

But it’s not just beards. There’s lots of deathly Grim Reaper apparitions, skulls as well as frightening hot rockabilly ladies.

There is a overall of 142 tee shirts styles for only $49, in EPS format. Therefore, you’ll be able to resize the pictures as well as modification colors as you see fit.
Time to beard up!

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