Bacon dress!

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thanks to Ben for this link to the Bacon Dress. You can read much more about it here.

Of course, you’d want to equip with this and these. and don’t forget this. If you’re wearing it to a party (which I hope you are, because wearing a bacon dress to sit around at home and get grease on your own couch seems pretty sad), you could wrap a present in this. If someone gets too close to you with their fork, you could cover the resulting puncture wounds with these.

But I still don’t know what this is all about.

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Condom Dresses, once again

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appears like the condom gown is an attention-getter that just doesn’t quit. since the last time I published about them there’s been an entire condom-clothing fashion show in China, to commemorate world population Day (and to publicize the 4th China Reproductive health and wellness new Technologies & products Expo, held in Beijing back in July).

What I want to understand is, why don’t I ever see any type of MEN’S garments constructed out of condoms? Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to be doing the covering up? Where are the three.jpgece condom business suits? I assumption it’s just one more instance of that old, tired story of birth manage being seen as completely the woman’s responsibility.

That said, this bit number is kinda cute. I’d like to see a re-interpretation of the condom gown where all the condoms were really ersatz condoms made from silk organza. (It would definitely be more comfortable to wear!)

If you click with on the photo you’ll see the original publish featuring the story, with all the stuff-made-from-condoms you might ever desire to see. however be careful, a few of the photos there look as if they may at any type of time ended up being Not risk-free For Work. as well as oh, lord, I can’t wait to see what type of ads Adsense serves as much as this post!

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party tips!

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Jeannette Marie sent me a link to a pattern auction on eBay (from seller Farfalla design studio check them out, they have good stuff!) that included this gem:

This was a clipping that the seller found in the pattern! I don’t think I’m going to use any of these suggestions at my next party. Although I might pass this around to scare people. “Just imagine 10 or 12 young boys all yodeling at the same time”? No, thank you.

I like to imagine this sort of stuff was written by mostly-drunk, completely hard-boiled, oft-divorced newspapermen who were kept out WWII by bad ankles, and was hammered out on typewriters with stuck “j” keys …

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Hugo boss

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Hugo Boss
Pronunciation: He-you-go Bo-s

German clothing brand Hugo boss has been around for almost 70 years. during WWII, the company designed and manufactured uniforms for the army officials and other governmental branches of Nazi Germany. despite their nefarious past, the brand continues to offer immaculate business suits favored by many leading male celebrities like George Clooney and a solid collection for women. less expensive versions of the suits can be found at stores like Nordstrom Rack, Filene’s Basement, and K&G.

Hugo boss – photo Credit:

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Helmut Lang

Carlos Miele

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It’s Beulah London for Men’s final at Wimbledon

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The Duchess chose a soft pink gown by Beulah London for today’s matches at Wimbledon. 

She was accompanied by her father, Michael Middleton.

The duo was joined for part of the day by Scott Lloyd, CEO of the yard Tennis Association.

They watched the men’s wheelchair final with Gordon Reid of the UK taking on Belgium’s Joachim Gerard.

The trio was relaxed, chatting throughout the match.

Even doing the wave at one point.

Another view. 

Ultimately Mr. Gerard (R) was victorious.

The Duchess as well as her daddy then moved from Court 3 to Centre Court.

Tonight is the huge soccer match between England as well as Italy, something extremely much on attendees as well as participants at today’s matches. The Duchess was asked about it when walking between courts today. Her response? Crossed fingers. 

Arriving at the royal box. 

They were at Centre Court for the Gentlemen’s Singles Championship with Italy’s Matteo Berrettini taking on Novak Djokovic, the legend from Serbia.  Below, Mr. Berrettini (L), Sean Seresinhe, who did the coin toss (C), as well as Mr. Djokovic (R).

And right here you see the competitors with Marija Cicak, the umpire for their match. 

From The Telegraph’s coverage: 

Marija Cicak will be the very first ever female chair umpire for a Wimbledon men’s singles final. The tournament, very first played in 1877, has never had a female officiate however the 43-year-old from Croatia, will be in fee today.

Cicak is a gold badge chair umpire as well as a member of the WTA Elite team considering that 2012. She was the chair umpire for the 2014 Wimbledon women’s final as well as the women’s doubles final three years later. Cicak likewise officiated the women’s singles gold medal match at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

And the match was underway. 

The Duchess as well as her daddy looked like they extremely much enjoyed the match.

Another view. 

Of course, it was the best setting for the lots of faces of Kate. 

After three hours as well as 24 minutes, Mr. Djokovic was the victor.

More about the match from The Washington Post. 

Novak Djokovic overcame a less than sterling begin against a stylish Italian opponent in Sunday’s Wimbledon final to take his location in tennis history alongside the rivals he has been chasing most of his career.

Hearty cheers rained down for Berrettini, 25, as well, the very first Italian to reach Wimbledon’s final.

It was Berrettini’s very first appearance in the final of any type of Grand Slam, while it was Djokovic’s 30th. as well as the difference in experience showed as the contest wore on.

The champion gave his racket to a little woman in the stands. 

This offers a different view of that moment.

While in the stands, a young guy asked about taking a selfie.

And Mr. Djokovic obliged.

Below, the Duchess as well as Duke of Kent on their method to do the trophy presentation. The Duke has been president of the All England Club for a lot more than fifty years.

As we mentioned yesterday, the Duke is stepping down from this role. 

Today he was recognized for his service with a special replica of the men’s trophy.  A video of that presentation. 

Another view of the Duchess as well as the Duke. 

Then it was time for the runner-up as well as winner’s trophies.  Below, Mr. Berrettini holds his trophy. 

And the awarding of the Gentlemen’s Singles trophy.

An aerial view of the ceremony.

The Duchess applauds the players. 

The champ holds up the trophy. 

The Duchess as well as Duke of Kent as they leave the awards presentation. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore. 

She was in the Beulah London ‘Ahana’ Midi gown ($966) in blush crepe.  

The gown is made in London of 100% wool, presumably a tropical weight wool.  It showcases a fit as well as flare silhouette with a darted bodice featuring a loop as well as button front closure.  The piece likewise has a stand collar, concealed side zipper, puffed short sleeves, as well as a keyhole opening at the sleeve hem.

As well as a belt.

It is offered for pre-order with shipment in eight to ten weeks. say thanks to you to Royal.Family93 for the ID!   

The Duchess accessorized with her vintage Josef ‘Point de Beauvais’ Beaded Clutch.

Point de Beauv embroidery is a decorative needlework method done using a extremely small, fine hook, frequently characterized by floral motifs.  This certain bag is sold out, however there are lots of other vintage examples offered on etsy. 

We saw the return of the Nicholes Pumps ($34.50) by Canadian shoemaker Aldo.  

The shoe is now described on the Aldo site as, “A royal favourite, the Nicholes pump stands out with a pointy closed toe as well as comfortable block heels.” 

The Duchess wore her hair down with a loose curl.

She brought back her ‘Empress’ earrings from British jeweler Mappin as well as Webb.

And her Amaia Kids Duchess Pink Pepper (£15) face mask.

She likewise had on her Wimbledon members’ pin.

The Ray-Ban sunglasses she wore yesterday made one more appearance. It turns out they are the Ray-Ban Chris style ($153), with thanks to the UFO No a lot more team for the heads-up.

Here is one a lot more shot of the Duchess at Wimbledon. 

We’ll be back with one more publish with the Duke as well as Duchess as well as Prince George at today’s football match. Below, a video by means of Roya Nikkhah of The Sunday Times. 

An early picture from the match.