Zombama returns to TeeFury!

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The newest t-shirt by Zombana release from TeeFury.

ZOMBAMA RETURNS! On Halloween (Oct 31) ZOMBAMA will return to the site that made him famous, TeeFury !
t-shirt zombie

This isn’t Zombama as you remember him… he’s decayed a bit much more because last time and he’s starting to attract much more flies and maggots (and he’s printed on a sinister black t-shirt instead of Navy blue)!
A couple of years ago TeeFury printed his ZOMBAMA design,witch offered to be the best-selling t-shirt all the time.The terrific thing is that they are bringing back the design specially for Halloween this year.The design have been tweaked and improved by Jared Moraitis.This is available for sale on Halloween only.
Zombie Obama
Everybody just be ready  to get this amazing design for a ideal Halloween outfit on 31 of October…!

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