Condom Dresses, once again

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appears like the condom gown is an attention-getter that just doesn’t quit. since the last time I published about them there’s been an entire condom-clothing fashion show in China, to commemorate world population Day (and to publicize the 4th China Reproductive health and wellness new Technologies & products Expo, held in Beijing back in July).

What I want to understand is, why don’t I ever see any type of MEN’S garments constructed out of condoms? Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to be doing the covering up? Where are the three.jpgece condom business suits? I assumption it’s just one more instance of that old, tired story of birth manage being seen as completely the woman’s responsibility.

That said, this bit number is kinda cute. I’d like to see a re-interpretation of the condom gown where all the condoms were really ersatz condoms made from silk organza. (It would definitely be more comfortable to wear!)

If you click with on the photo you’ll see the original publish featuring the story, with all the stuff-made-from-condoms you might ever desire to see. however be careful, a few of the photos there look as if they may at any type of time ended up being Not risk-free For Work. as well as oh, lord, I can’t wait to see what type of ads Adsense serves as much as this post!

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