12 Tee shirts: Out of the Workshop

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by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

On the initial shirt of Xmas, we printed a “Santa, did you get my text?” Display Printed Transfer
On the 2nd tee shirt of Christmas, we printed “North Post” Plaid Text with Light String
On the 3rd t shirt of Xmas, we published a “Dear Santa, I Desired All Of It” Rhinestone Transfer
On the 4th shirt of Xmas, we printed a “Unshaven Xmas” Screen Printed Transfer
On the 5th t-shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Harwood Winter Months Fest” Nailhead Transfer with Pre-Cut Letters
On the sixth t-shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Santa’s Pawfect Assistant” Nailhead Transfer & Pre-Cut Letters
On the 7th t shirt of Christmas, we published a “Get Your Jingle On” Rhinestone Transfer
On the eighth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Christmas Craft Fair” Screen Printed Transfer

On the 9th shirt of Christmas, Coach K’s fairies printed Warmth Transfer Product Styles


Give me an “H!”.
Provide me an “O!”.
Provide me an “H!”.
Offer me an “O!”.
Offer me an “H!”.
Give me an “O!”.
What does that spell?

Kris Kringle understands, and so do all the fairies on his cheerleading team. They like “Coack K” a lot, in fact, that they had these coats made. With a couple of basic heat transfer product designs, he can show how happy he is of all his fairies as well as they can show how much they love their happy old train as they spread holiday joy( s).

A coat similar to this would additionally be a terrific way for grandparents, day care providers, teachers, as well as anyone else with little “fairies” to show their pride.

See how to make your own listed below.

Products used:.
Layout: Train K’s Elves.
Product: Pre-Spaced Text (shows up on a clear carrier).
Product: CAD-CUT ® Radiance Flake ™ warm transfer material.
Shade: Red.
Font style: 2.5″ Athletic Script

Layout: Spread Names.
Item: Pre-Spaced Text.
Product: CAD-CUT ® Fashion-FILM ®– Shade: Apple Eco-friendly.
Font style: 5/8 “Group US. Layout: Applaud String Lighting. Product: Personalized CAD-CUT Logo.
Product: CAD-CUT Fashion-FILM warm transfer product– Colors: Red as well as Black.
Dimension: 4.42″ h x 8.97” w
Tools Needed:.
Warm press.
Warm printing pillow or fast adjustment warm press platen.
Non-stick cover sheet.
Warm eraser.
Garment: Tee shirts, hoodie, bag, etc
Pointer: Pointer: Stahls’ Transfer Express ® offers empty apparel for warmth printing

Application Guidelines for “Coach K’s Elves” Style.

Heat Press Settings (CAD-CUT Shine Flake).
Temperature: 320 ° F.
Pressure: Company (# 9 on Hotronix ® warm presses).

Pointer: Make use of a warm printing cushion placed into the garment to produce also stress when working around hefty seams, buttons and zippers. Readjust warm press pressure with the garment as well as put cushion on the heat press.
– Location the garment on the reduced platen of the warm press and warmth press it for 10 secs to eliminate moisture as well as wrinkles. (This just requires to be done as soon as per garment)..
– Get rid of the liner from the names.
– Using scissors, reduced apart names as well as cut the service provider as needed to fit all pieces on the garment.
– Setting the names sticky-side-down on the garment in wanted locations.
– Cover all styles with a non-stick cover sheet.
– Apply for 10-15 seconds.
– Massage the warm eraser over the cover sheet up until all names are COLD.
Suggestion: To speed up manufacturing time while decorating multiple products, alloted product after application to cool while warmth applying the rest.
– Peel the clear service provider.

Application Guidelines for Scattered Names and String Lights.
Warm Press Settings for CAD-CUT ® Fashion-FILM ®. Temperature: 320 ° F.
Pressure: Medium (# 7 on Hotronix ® warm presses).
Idea: If you have already used the Glitter Flake names, position the garment to ensure that the area with the currently applied names will certainly not touch with the warmth again. This can be achieved by increasing the brand-new warmth application area with the warmth printing pillow or utilizing a quick modification warmth press platen..
– Remove the lining from the layouts.
– Utilizing scissors, reduced apart light bulbs as well as cut the service provider as necessary to fit all pieces on the garment without overlapping.
– Position the designs sticky-side-down on the garment in wanted areas.
– Cover all designs with a non-stick cover sheet.
– Look for 15 secs.
– Peel the clear carrier HOT.

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