Happy Fourth, Y’all!

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I have no idea where this image came from (and no idea where it’s going, either) but I have to say that the idea of having a long, flag-striped TRAIN is startling. The whole effect is “Daughters of the American revolution go to the Circus”.

Where on earth could this be worn? Pageants? Prom at one of the service academies? (Who wears a train to prom — oh, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.) Is it a wedding gown? I got married on the fourth (Happy Anniversary, Mr. dress A Day!) and even I wouldn’t have worn this …

If you want one of these, you ought to be cautioned that wearing a flag dress in the wrong place at the wrong time can typically get you in trouble. There was the boneheaded teen who chose that her prom would be a spiffy place to wear her CONFEDERATE FLAG DRESS. Heritage, schmeritage, she just wanted to piss off a bunch of people. Also, I believe she shouted “Sequins today … seqins tomorrow … sequins forever!” while she was wearing it:

And then there was the Indian designer whose dress incorporating symbols from the Indian flag was confiscated, although she did get to keep her drink:

Not to mention the Chinese pop singer who wore a dress printed with the war-era Japanese naval flag. (That went over about as well as the Confederate flag dress.) Can’t find a picture of that one, sadly, although I have to say English-language Chinese film star gossip is way much more fun than the star or us weekly or whatever.

As well as this: “… a lecturer at Birmingham university by the name of sue Blackwell, described as a former Christian fundamentalist now turned socialist. (Her site was found to recommend a link to the site of a neo-Nazi activist.) At the AUT meeting, Blackwell wore a Palestinian-flag dress …” She was arguing for a boycott of Israeli universities by British scholars; no picture of that one, either. I can’t think of that it was successful as a dress, instead of as a rhetorical device.

So, where were we? Yes, flag dresses are really, really hard to pull off. even DVF had some trouble:

(I know there are better pics of that dress out there but I love DVF’s MySpace-style photo, so there.)

But Dame Shirley Bassey managed it, at the Rugby world Cup’s opening ceremony in the Millennium stadium in Cardiff (it helps to be in front of thousands of enthusiastic countrymen):

Do you have a favorite (or un-favorite) flag dress? send me a picture. this one best now is my fave:

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