Cool t shirt #65

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It’s been a while since we last featured a skull t-shirt on the blog so we’re gonna let loose with this awesomeness from DESIGNBYHUMANS.COM
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Cool t-shirt of the day #81

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They”ve been taunting me really hard lately,  the fine and talented people that are submitting designs to DesignbyHumans. Today”s amazing t-shirt

is quite excellent and

keeps the bar high with the others. I just love it and you can get it here .

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Grs, please?

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Karen has been trying to find this pattern for a while, without any luck. any of you have a copy mouldering away?

Here’s her note to me.

Attached is a picture of a vintage pattern that I am dying to have: vogue Paris original 1751. The designer is Grs. Today is the second time I’ve been outbid in the last 5 seconds on Ebay, and my heart is breaking around again. I think the dress is so chic, and I would love to wear it to an upcoming charity event. Can you help me? I need to put out a call for this pattern — I’m ready to get the pattern outright, or even pay to borrow it for a time. I can trace it out, make my own copy, then give it back. Or maybe you can recommend another venue where I can beg for patterns.

Anyone game? This looked exactly like the kind of pattern I would get at a yard sale, ooh over, and never make, but I inspected my stock and I don’t have it. If you have a copy in the same boat, email me and I’ll put you in touch with Karen!

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