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Libby sent me this image, a pattern she gotten at Funkoma vintage just for the illustration. I would have done the same. What on earth is going on in this picture? nothing good. What was the illustrator thinking? “I understand what will make women want this dress! Let’s show them exactly how catty as well as backstabby they can be while using it!”

I would like to understand what YOU believe these women are stating to every other … leave your dialogue in the comments if you are so inspired.

This likewise reminds me of An concept that I’ve had for a while. Why isn’t any individual selling big poster-size prints of excellent pattern images? If you scan them at a high-enough dpi you can send the pictures to any type of number of on the internet photo-processing locations as well as get a poster-sized print (which costs about $20, I think). as well as wouldn’t you want a significant blowup of a excellent pattern as a sewing-room picture? (Heck, I’d put them around the house!) somebody must be doing this on Etsy, frankly, as well as if nobody IS doing this, I present this concept to any individual who wishes to begin this as their home-based business, complimentary of charge. Go ideal on ahead. I bet you might fee $35-40 for it, as well as a lot more if you framed ’em or had them put on foamcore backing.

(Of program considering that a lot of of these pictures are most likely still copyright there may be SOME problem however I believe that a great situation might be produced these being a derivative work. as well as the pattern business sure aren’t doing anything with their pictures …)

If you do begin doing this, let me understand as well as I’ll publish about this here.

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