I Don’t know What You people Are believing

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Seriously. Holly at LuciteBox vintage has had this up as a Buy-It-Now on eBay for like, a week now and it’s STILL THERE. I was taking a look at my list of to-be-blogged topics and believed “There’s no method that dress is still up,” but when I went to check, it was. Sheesh! What is up? Is everyone still getting back from Labor Day vacation? Are you still trying to get that last week of wear out of your summertime sandals? Does everyone have the horrific head cold I came down with?

I mean, inspect out the back:

That alone should have made you hit that useful “Buy It Now” button.

Anyway, it’s navy, B36/W26, and just ordinary gorgeous, and pretty inexpensive at $74.

Everyone should have a extremely structured dark dress for the days where you mean Business. This is a brook-no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners dress. I have one that is black crepe and insanely severe; but it can go from lady-scientist to hardcore-vamp with a change of shoes and a slash of red lipstick. This is one of those dresses, and believe me, once you have a dress such as this you feel a renewed sense of confidence. It’s like having a $100 bill in your pocket, an unmetered vehicle parking space, a new pair of kickass shoes, and a amazing idea, all at once. even when you’re not using it. just having it in your closet, ready to pull out in case of emergency, is enough.

So why is this still available? I don’t know. I am going to have to fall back on my conventional there’s-no-good-explanation explanation: sunspots.

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