Expert Advice: Best Bras for Large-Chested Women

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A visitor asks: I requirement some serious help! I have big breasts (size 44J) as well as I requirement assist discovering a great bra that fits.

I reached out to the professional of bras for large-chested women, Jenette Goldstein, creator as well as CEO of Jenette Bras. as well as she has a great deal to state on this topic. checked out on for Jenette’s advice on the best bras for large-chested women, as well as then go to her website as well as make an visit for a virtual bra fitting.

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Best bras for large-chested women

Since this is the budget plan Fashionista, I’ve got to make a caveat: There are truly no shortcuts you can take in the manufacture of full-cup or plus-size bras. When the cost is lower, you automatically provide up on fit as well as performance.

From an engineering perspective, you are cantilevering a number of pounds of semi-liquid mass out in front of your torso with almost nothing however material — as well as making it look light as well as airy. This is a technological as well as style miracle, as well as not the location to skimp.

The great news, of course, is that the $100+ bra will make the $15 gown look terrific! Moreover, when you determine cost-per-wear of a longer-lasting, high quality bra, it can end up being as inexpensive or cheaper than a series of uncomfortable bargain bras.


Elomi Sachi

For an entry-level cost point in the $75-100 range, I like Anita as well as Elomi. Anita is a venerable Austrian brand, well-built as well as offering comfortable fit as well as traditional styling. Elomi is of similar high quality as well as has more options for the lady who is both full-cup as well as full-figure. The Sachi model, introduced a couple years back, is a gorgeous, fashion-forward option, long needed in this category. We offer a ton of it!


PrimaDonna Deauville

As great as those bras are, they cannot compare with the comfort, beauty, as well as longevity of specific bras in the $100-$200 range. two of the stars in my store are PrimaDonna as well as Louisa Bracq. 

PrimaDonna is a full-cup mainstay from Van de Velde, the Belgian lingerie powerhouse. Established in 1919, they are still owned by the Van de Velde family. Their commitment to high quality handwork is exceptional. After I visited their factory in Schellebelle, my believed was “how can they offer these bras for only $150!?”

Louisa Bracq, on the other hand, is a new player in the bra space. They were solely embroidery manufacturers for the couture houses up until recently, as well as their embroidered fabrics are exquisite. They have likewise diligently emulated the best bra building methods of the older European companies while bringing a fresh style approach.


It doesn’t get much much better for the full-cup client than those companies, however at the above $200 cost point there is one business that excels at fit, perhaps above any type of other. Empreinte is a French company, likewise privately owned, as well as laser-focused on our category. when they try it on, some women won’t wear anything else.

Empreinte Cassiopee

Some of you may be thinking, “Why have I never heard of these companies?” Here’s some inside understanding for you. There are two ways to do a bra company. You can mass create overseas as well as put most of your money into marketing. Those are the companies you mainly hear about. Or, you can focus your resources on cautious manufacturing, as well as depend mainly on client loyalty as well as word-of-mouth. The companies in this second classification mainly offer with dedicated fit boutiques, since they comprehend the importance as well as complexity of appropriate fit.

What features make a great full-bust bra?

Everything starts with the band. You requirement it snug as well as level across the back. This provides 90% of your support.
Bra straps tend to widen automatically as band size goes up, so you don’t requirement to concern about that. They’re only meant to take 10-15% of the weight anyway. look for a quite one, in situation you feel like showing it.
Feel the underwire. It should be cushioned. A high quality bra will utilize a double or triple wrapped underwire (and yes, you do requirement underwire! as well as no, they don’t cause cancer!) The underwire must rest neatly under your breast, against your rib cage — not on your breast as well as not off your torso. You shouldn’t feel it at all during wear. You still may want to take it off at the end of a long day, just as you would a pair of shoes.
Seams! The most supportive bras are cut as well assewn bras with well-placed, flat seams to hold as well as shape. Unstructured 1980s-style foam cup bras are not up to the full-bust standard.

Are there bra styles that are a no-no for the full woman?

A reputable bra-maker won’t make a demi or a plunge beyond a size that it works for, which means that if you’re bigger than a G-cup you likely won’t even have the option. If you do discover one, the brand is most likely being extremely optimistic in its claims. try it on before you buy.

Now, you’re a grown woman, as well as you can wear what you want. however generally, those less-coverage styles are designed to improve the beauty of our more lightly bosomed sisters. Those of us with an abundance of breast can quickly draw in the eye with rather a bit less exposure. I always believe of the traditional sexiness of Sophia Loren in a lacy, full-coverage bra (in a Roman villa, in a darkened room, with bars of sunlight coming with the blinds).

This does leave the problem of that low neckline gown that you truly want to wear. One solution is to make the bra part of the look. A glimpse of fine embroidery in a matching–or contrasting!–color is progressively seen as a stylish method to accessorize.

A great deal of women struggle with inadequate molded-cup bras in pursuit of the concept that the bra needs to be invisible under a t-shirt. Is this to make your audience assumption whether you are even wearing one? Sorry. If you’re a G-cup, or even a dainty little E-cup, I’m afraid the gig is up. You’re sporting a rack, it requires management. own it, girls!
Jenette Goldstein

Don’t accept the normalizing of poor fit

The past few years have been absolutely revolutionary in the new visibility of diverse bodies. The abundance of catalog photography featuring full-figured models, older models, as well as ethnically diverse models has been a fantastic boon to my business.

There is one thing that ticks me off though. I often see beautiful, full-bodied models confidently posed in an absolute garbage product that fits like a sack of rocks. This is a new method for unscrupulous manufacturers to normalize poor fit for the exact same women they’ve always been failing to serve. No sir, putting on your sub-par, ill-fitting bra does not celebrate my diversity or yours!

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