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improve your style with earrings

Posted by Aloïs Guinut on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 · 9 Comments 

After costs the beginning of the decade adorned with big necklaces, earrings are now the lead of the game.

There are great deals of benefits to wearing “high up on the face” jewels. even the days you have to hide under layers of coats, scarves and beanies, they’ll nicely height out. and no requirement to match them to the shape of your collars.

Though your hair have to be considered. If you are the lucky owner of gorgeous thick hair… it is possible that, just like a voracious plant, they swallow any earrings. On the opposite, short hair wearer will have an simple task.

The shade of your hair, of your eyes and your outfits are also factors that will assist you select the ear adornment of your day.

I/ Earring size

A/ Miniatures

By miniatures, I indicate all those that are not mobile and stay close to the ear: studs, mini hoops and other tragus or helix piercings.

Those are like or default embellishments.

By the way, if you have pierced earlobes, I suggest you to always have something in them even the days you are not wearing anything since the tiniest of studs that won’t even be noticed is always much better than an empty hole.

If your hole is stretched, reach for “dot” studs, that will cover accordingly.

(Note that I am not bodyshaming anyone here: just giving tips on exactly how to be elegant).

If you have a number of piercing or plan on having, get them assymetrical. (but I assumption no one would spontaneously do symetrical piercing …).


Dot studs

Everyday constellation default adornement

Longer miniature earring by Vanrycke

For what hairstyle? For what faceshape? 

Super thin earrings will fit everyone.

They will be noticed a lot more on any haircuts that subject the earlobe of course.

Even if they are not seen by everyone, you now they are there and elegant. It is like wearing quite underwear.

B/ Oversize

Oversize earrings are an effective statement to upgrade any outfit, even the simplest.

Whether you pin them or clip them you’ll discover them in a large variety of shapes, materials and colors so they do not have to be heavy.

a/ Close to the face

Stars of the eighties, they are making an applauded come back.

Classic here…

Funky on Jenny Walton

As Jenny, I like oversize shapes that “swallow” the lower part of the ear.

If you are looking for some, turn to vintage! You’ll discover loads of eighties YSL and Chanel.

For what hairstyle? For what faceshape? 

They will be noticed with tied hair, pulled behind the ears, mid lenght, bobs and short hairs.

Get them round if you have sharp jawline.

b/ Pendants

Oversize pendant are the utmost “look at me” earrings.

Especially if you get them thick, shiny or bright.

Vintage Chanel from the 70’s

If they are dangly, they’ll produce a great motion around your face.

If you concern about the weight of those divas, select acetate or thin yet noticeable structures.

For what hairstyle? For what faceshape? 

They provide volume to short or pulled hairstyles when the hair lacks. They also balance a thin face and long neck.
The longer they are, the a lot more you requirement to have a long neck to pull them off.

If your neck is on the short size opt for medium lenght.

To make the earrings less impressive, you can always untie your hair if they are long.
If your hair is massive, select them in a contrasting fabric/ color to provide them a possibility to be noticed.

If you have stretched earlobes, go for oversize earrings that do not pull as well much and hide.

Last advice: try them on! notice much better than a genuine life check considering that fashion is no precise science.

Earrings that hide the earlobes by Louise Damas

C/ medium sized

Perfect if you are looking for that style boost of statement earrings without being as well loud.

Middle sized earrings are the most typical in european costumes and lots of traditional shapes come to mind.
If you are looking for a contemporary twist on your look, like contemporary versions.

Pretty Sarah Harris with innovative medium sized earrings

For what hairstyle? For what faceshape? 

Sometimes medium sized earrings appear undersized on longs necks or big faces. get the ideal balance.

II/ Fabric and color 

Some skins cope much better with gold, others with silver, yet, in my experience as a stylist having worked with a range of women with a range of skintones from dark black to incredibly fair whites, I believe most ladies can cope with both!

You can even wear both intricated as does talented jewelry designer Charlotte Chesnais.

– Gold

Warm and luminous gold earrings will provide a soft glow to your face.

– Silver

Colder, silver earrings may appear harsh on the face.
Perfect for those aiming for rebellious or minimalist looks.

C/ Turtleshell

Warm and soft, turtleshell warms up the blondes, and echoes hazel and reds.

Yet does not work so well on truly dark and chilly hair colors.

Not to match with your glasses.

Selfie à la BO en écaille

D/ Bling and diamonds

Any bling radiates even a lot more light than gold!

Perfect to light up your face on gloomy days.

I love to wear them with casual or even grunge clothes.

Isabel Marant <3 with unkempt looking hair E/ mom of pearl The earring celebrated by Vermeer makes a fantastic come back with natural irregular shaped pearls. They provide a soft glow to the face. Aurélie Bidermann F/ Colors For a lively glow without lipstick or blush, opt for red earrings! Here Camille over the rainbow has paired them with her mules.  For other colors, try to match them according to the complimentary color or shading colors theories that I describe on my blog and in my book.  For instance eco-friendly or blue in red or blond hair. Or against ebony skin. Yellow on brunettes or black skins. Green on blond Subtle shading III/ Earring style A/ Simple Simple earrings keep it low key. They can be miniatures as aforementioned or bigger yet classical shapes like huge hoops. B/ Arty Get an unusual shape or fabric. At the moment, some earring ressemble Calder mobile! Do not shy away from assymetrical. Some earrings are so bold one is enough. C/ Baroque A style that raises the glorious time of the european royalty. Find your match by searching vintage Lacroix. Beware, they are heavy! I like the concept of wearing them with a basic or even rather grunge style. D/ Punk ou futuristic Atypical wears are developing. They look like piercings without the requirement of additional holes. The backside earring has been seen a lot, for instance with the mise en Dior double pearl. I suggest you to wear these on one side only. Luckily, almost all of them are sold by the system now. My fav, the Massaï by Vanrycke Fusion metal ears by Charlotte Chesnais Ready to be daring?  Cover collage: Jujumade and Sophie Buhai Category: Blog · Tags:

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